How To Create Anything EBOOK



Through writing and publishing books then founding a authors’ non-profit organisation, I became interested in the process of conscious creation, not just in art, or business, but all aspects of life.

I call this “creativism” and think of myself as a creativist.

Creativists like to work and play with the creative process.

They aim to consciously create their lives, moment by moment.

They know that the same process which creates one thing creates anything.


Yes, anything.

But not everything. Not all at once, anyway.)



Here in this website you’ll find:

  • Go Creative! books and blog posts, including audio and video, about my own creative endeavours: in life, in writing, in publishing.
  • Novels and poems to enjoy. They’ll also help you understand, at the level beyond the intellect, at the level that can only be touched by story and song, what it is to take the consciously creative way.
  • Go Creative! tips and tools, rewards and resources
  • A growing tribe of people who encourage, motivate and support each other.

We need that encouragement and support. In our society, the conventional mindset — what the Go Creative! books call “con-mind” — is so dominant.

In our own selves, too.

It can be easy to forget that going creative is always possible.


Yes, always.

But we sometimes need help to remember how.

My writings — the fiction and the poetry as well as the non-fiction — aim to remind.