On Creative Inspiration: “[The songs] just came… out of that wellspring of creativity. I don’t know how I got to write … those early songs [they] were almost magically written… a kind of a penetrating magic.”

On Creative Destiny: “There was something out there that I needed to get to and it wasn’t where I was, at that particular moment… I was heading for the fantastic lights. Destiny was looking right at me… It’s a feeling you know something about yourself nobody else does. The picture you have in your mind of what you’re about WILL come true. It’s the kinda thing you kinda have to keep to your own self because it’s a fragile feeling and you put it out there, somebody’s gonna kill it…so it’s best to keep it all inside.”

On Doing The Work: “I made a bargain… a long time ago — with the Chief Commander…the commander on this earth and in the world we can’t see — and I’m holding up my end.

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Orna Ross writes and publishes novels, poems and the Go Creative! books and blog. She is Founder and Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors, an association of the world's best self-publishing authors and advisors and has been described as "one of the 100 most influential people in publishing" (The Bookseller). Born and raised in Wexford in the south-east of Ireland, she now lives, mostly, in London. Talk to her on Twitter: @ornaross

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