Switch From Conventional To Creative

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Inspiration Meditation A Go Creative! Book

Find the space within and between with inspiration meditation

We all have a con-mind (conventional, conceptual, conservative) and we all have a creative mind and, once we have learned how, we can switch from one to the other by choice.

Becoming more creative is about choosing to take our attention away from con-mind’s goings and doings, plans and purposes and focus instead on… nothing.

We have the content of our lives – the thoughts, feelings, events, experiences, stuff, people. The “thingness” of life, if you like.

This we notice, but also always there is the “no-thingness”. The space that lies within, around and beyond everything.

It, too, is necessary.

Space is what allows things – thoughts and feelings, events and experiences, people and animals and plants – to be.

Nothing is what makes everything.

To be more creative, find the space within and between.


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