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blog-category-creative-publishing-Orna-Ross-imageThis website brings together my work as a writer and publisher with my creativist teaching and campaigning. I share what I’m creating myself and also offer techniques, technologies and tools to others who want to go creative too, not just in work but in life.

My own work is threefold:

  • CREATIVE WRITING: Irish Historical Fiction, poetry and free-writing. I write historical fiction set in Ireland or among the Irish disapora. I write poems, in the Irish tradition but also haiku to accompany my Instagram pics. And I know creative writing — in a form I teach called free-writing — is not just for writers but for everyone. A powerful tool for personal transformation and liberation.
  • CREATIVE PUBLISHING: Publishing my own books my own way. I took the self-publishing leap in 2012 and loved it so much that my husband (known around these parts as The Hub) and I formed a nonprofit together, to help others who also wanted to self-publish well: the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). For this work, the Bookseller has, since 2013, included me in their “Top 100 People in Publishing”, a tribute to the dedication of the ALLi team and the talent of ALLi members. [ALLi, by the way, is pronounced not “allee” but “ally”,  with members are known as ALLies]. Together with the ALLi team, I also run the Self-Publishing Advice Center, and the Indie Author Fringe Online Conference, a free online conference that runs three times a year, fringe to The London Book Fair, Book Expo America and Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • CREATIVE LIVING: Teaching the principles, practices and process of creativism, conscious creation and creative living. I do this through my Go Creative! books and blog and the weekly Go Creative Show. And for those who want to take this way of life seriously, there’s the Creativist Club, a safe space for creativists to hang out together, share our dreams and cheer each other on through the delights and challenges of taking the creative way.I’ve always been interested in the process of conscious creation and how the creative process applies to life, as well as work and art. I believe this creativist approach is not just a great way to live, but humanity’s best hope of meeting the three most important challenges of our times: bigotry, environmental degradation and human despair. So I pass on what I’ve learned about it whenever I can.

    Teaching keeps me honest, through the creative challenges of my own life. When I feel like walking away from them, I can’t.  I have to walk the way of my own talk.

What Is A Creativist? What Is Creativism?

Orna Ross author photoWhen I started the blog on this website, back in 2008, I needed a word that would distinguish between my creative work (using the creative process to write books) and the creative approach I also applied to my life. At the time, I was working with the challenges of cancer recovery, among other things.

I hadn’t always lived that way. For the first decades of my life, I didn’t even know it was a way.

But when I started, around my fortieth birthday, applying the same creative practices I used to make books to everything else in my life, it changed everything.

And in most marvellous, most mysterious and most magical way. After years of being told I was crazy (and wondering was I, actually), life started to make sense.In the words of my favorite poet, WB Yeats, soul began to “clap its hands and sing”.

The further I took the creative process, the more magical life became. The challenges didn’t stop coming but I had access to a vast underground swell of power that I had already been dipping into, but not very well.

I began a process of creative education and came to understand that the same process that creates one thing creates everything.

That we are all creating all the time, whether we realize it or not. And that our innate creative power can be ignited and engaged in every life situation.

Some people think going creative is selfish. On the contrary, the creative way fosters health, wealth and happiness not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us.

I like the campaigning feel to the word “creativism”. I do feel that I am an evangelist for creative living and my dedication to this way of life grows, strengthens and deepens, year on year.

Now, unlike before, my life feeds my work, and my work feeds my life, in a benign creative circle.

It is magic, yes, but it’s a magical power we can all access.