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I’m the author of How to create Anything and a few other books.

This blog is a scrapbook of stuff I’m creating under the headings

Creative Writing.Creative Publishing.Creative Living.

Creative Writing: Poems By Me

Love Hurts? No Way

Love hurts, they say. I say, no way. The only thing that never hurts is love. Lust festers, envy bites. Loss skewers, rejection spikes. Passion burns, craving seethes. Romance dazzles, lonesome bleeds. Well yes, indeed. But none of the above is love. Love helps, love lights. Love warms, love rights. Love soothes, love feeds. Love calms, love heals. Oh yes, what will heal the sting of pain, and make your life feel good again, (again, again, and yet again), is love. Love hurts, they say. I say no way. The only thing that never hurts is love. Poetry Pamphlets (Volume…

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Creative Living: Go Creative! Guest

Go Creative Guest: Mavis & Pops Staples

I’ll be writing all about BEA Chicago in my first Monday opinion column on the self-publishing advice blog, shortly. But I wanted to bring you guys this highlight. Mavis Staples was there, promoting her book and giving a secret concert. I couldn’t go because I was at the Goodreads dinner that evening (also a wonderful event) but Christine Monroe from Kobo assures me she was completely fabulous — as ever. Mavis is super busy at the moment, what with promoting her book,  a new documentary and finishing Pops Staples (her dad’s) posthumous album. “Mavis sang ‘Friendship’ from it at the show, and it was so…

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Creative Publishing

Redesign In Progress

You might have noticed a new look around here and that you haven’t had your newsletter for a while. I’m working with the wonderful Pixbee Design to upgrade the website, put in the Creativist Club we’ve talked about for so long, introduce a podcast, and a new weekly motivator mail-out to send to you each Sunday, to set you up for a creativist week. It’s all taking a little time so bear with us…  you’re going to love it! As ever, you can let us know your thoughts by visiting The Guestbook (See link below … and just look at the lovely job Alex…

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Creative Living

The Font of All Creative Achievement

It shouldn’t surprise us that we travel through this world as we do, full of desires: we’re children of longing. Some years ago, by some strange destiny, an egg and a seed engaged each other in the darkness of a womb, and you were conceived. Your conception emerged out of your parent’s passionate longing for each other, and their longing for love. Ever since, the same inner force has guided you in your unfolding. As an embryo you were led on by the evolutionary desire to be born. For the first nine months or so, your changes happened in blind…

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Creative Writing

A Celtic Creation Story

The first recorded Irish stories were Celtic. They presented our world as eternal, represented by the famous knotwork art produced for centuries in Ireland’s monasteries. There are fewer stories about the moment of creation in Celtic culture than other tribes but one I love is the story of Oran Mór. Once upon a time, there was no time. There were also no Gods and no man or woman to walk the land. There was only the depths of the sea and its dark, eternal quiet. A strain of melody moved across the endless waters, a whisper first. The music was the Oran…

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Creative Living

The Creative Brain and Mental Illness

Virginia Woolf, Vincent Van Gogh, Diane Arbus, and Ernest Hemingway were all highly creative people who lost their battle with mental illness through suicide. I’ve long been interested in the links between mental wellness or illness and creative capacity. So has Nancy Coover Andreasen, an American neuroscientist, inspired by a woman who mirrored her own personal, academic and professional life, Sylvia Plath. As literature students and Fullbright scholars, the two had a lot in common but Plath joined the above list, while Andreasen has had what she calls a wonderful life. And her curiosity about why life took them in different directions has shaped her career. Two…

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Creative Writing

Moments of Creative Presence on Instagram?

Are you on Instagram? Do you like writing or reading haiku? Instagram is my new toy and I’m now posting a haiku (with picture) there each day. The idea is to capture a moment of creative presence, as outlined in Go Creative! It’s Your Native State. Come join me there?

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Creative Living: WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

WB Yeats’s Fanatic Heart Was Not For Ireland But For Love Itself

“It was all ‘father, oh father’,” Bob Geldof says, mimicking a pious voice addressing a priest. Then in his own voice: “F**k off, you’re not my father.” Geldof is railing against the the Irish State and its grovelling to Roman Catholicism in Fanatic Heart, an RTE documentary about the life and work of Ireland’s great poet (and subject of my most recent novel), William Butler Yeats. Geldof argues that the poet and  literary statesman brought about immense change in Ireland’s struggle for independence, without firing a bullet. His modus operandi was a poetic national vision, betrayed by the Roman Catholic nation-state that emerged after Irish independence but it was not until…

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Creative Living

Creatives and Creativists Cultivate Independence

I saw a documentary about Janis Joplin last night, another great artist who died too young. The film seemed to imply that Janis’s tragic end could be traced back to having been excluded and bullied by her high school classmates but watching with a creativist eye, you can see it was the usual story. Janis Joplin was different and she had all the sensitivity and emotional honesty that creative expression demands. That difference hurt her so long as she stayed’s around Port Talbot, her home town in Texas, trying to fit herself to the beauty myth. But when she moved to  San Francisco, she found her tribe and her own…

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Creative Living

Go Creative Guest: Tolstoy’s Rules

Rules don’t work for creatives and creativists, not if work means following them in their entirety. The novelist and political activist, Leo Tolstoy, confided to his diary as a young man: I wrote down a lot of rules all of a sudden, and wanted to follow them all, but I was not strong enough. So now I want to set myself one rule only. And to add another rule to it only when I’ve followed that one. The first rule which I prescribe is as follows: Carry out everything you have resolved must be carried out. [pause for effect] I…

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