I’m Crowdfunding A Very Special WB Yeats Project

I’ve just launched a Pubslush crowdfunding project, Secret Rose, as part of #Yeats2015. This year, Yeats lovers everywhere are celebrating the 150-year birth anniversary of the Nobel-laureate Irish poet, who was born on 13 June 1865. I wanted to do something special and after much thought decided what better way to pay tribute to a writer than to produce […]

Day One: IndieReCon

Buckle your seat belts… the Alliance of Independent Authors is getting ready to launch IndieReCon for its 3rd successive year. For the next three days, we’ll be running an online conference that will unleash an enticing collection of blog posts, video pre-recorded and live, audio, twitter chats and live-streamed events from London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Fest — […]

How To Self-Publish A Poetry Book

Selected Poetry 2012-2014 is almost here, it will publish in May 2015. I thought you might be interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the process of putting together a poetry print book, ebook and audio book. For this project, I worked closely with literary strategist Yen Ooi on concept, design and formatting. [Orna] Content – Poetry Selection The first […]

Poems on the underground – Yeats2015

As regular readers know, Yeats has taken over this blog a bit this year (#Yeats2015), with my novel about his relationship with Maud Gonne launching in the summer and various fun and frolics happening here in London and in Ireland. I was thrilled to hear from Judith Cherniak that Poems on the Underground will be celebrating#Yeats2015 all year […]

Self-publishing Literary Fiction In A Boxset

Jane Friedman, one of publishing’s most interesting commentators, is interviewing Roz and Joni about our boxset over on her blog today. “While collaborative efforts like this have been fairly common among genre fiction authors, this is the first box set I know of that represents a marketing collaboration for full-length literary novels,” says Jane. The box […]

Women Writing Women Launches Today

Yes it’s here! AVAILABLE AS A BOX SET FOR 12 WEEKS ONLY! 7 FULL-LENGTH, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED novels for only £7.99. Get yours now at the Women Writing Women Website “The Magnificent Seven… Beautiful, poetic, imaginative, passionate, thoughtful, witty, sensual and intelligent… Unforgettable books by exceptional writers.”   JILL MARSH of WORDS WITH JAM #WomenWritingWomen    

Ten reasons to F-R-E-E-Write

F-R-E-E-Writing rights. At a daily level, it improves your psychic state, elevates your mood, makes you feel centred, sets you up for your day. We almost always feels better after a F-R-E-E-Writing session than before. F-R-E-E-Writing uncovers. Because we write as fast as possible, thoughts and emotions are allowed to rise without the internal censor […]