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Creative Living: Go Creative! Books

Posts In This Category Are About My Go Creative! Book Series

Creative Living: Create More Money, Go Creative! Books

This Week’s Book Extract: Creating Money, Creating meaning

This week’s book extract is from Creating Money, Creating Meaning. Some Questions: Do you have enough money? Yes / No Would you describe yourself as a wealthy person? Yes / No Do you know how to create more money? Yes / No Do you understand the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, creative and spiritual dimensions of money? Yes / No Do you understand that how you “do” money is how you “do” life? Yes / No Do you hold ideas or attitudes that might be a block in your relationship with money? Yes / No Do you understand the roots of…

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Creative Living: Go Creative! Books

The Importance of Rest For Creatives & Creators

Creative rest takes many forms: night sleep, day sleep, deep relaxation, intentional rest, massage, restorative yoga (also called yin yoga or yoga nidra). And of course, inspiration meditation, which is deep rest for the mind. There are many other options. The simplest form of rest, something you can do any time, is to just stop and take seven (or if you’re really short of time, three)  deep creative breaths. And say to yourself: “I’m resting now”. Most of us spend most of our days trying to change ourselves. Creative rest asks us to welcome ourselves. In that moment of self-welcoming, profound transformation takes place. When you…

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