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The Go Creative! Show Episode 2: Introduction To Creative Challenge

Introduction to Creative Challenge In the second week of each month, The Go Creative! Show will look closely at creative challenge. A problem is a block, but when you frame it as a challenge, you can meet with creative energy, and transform it. In this episode, I introduce a three-step approach to overcoming creative block or resistance, using: Explanation Exploration and Experimentation Alex and Nelly of Pixbee Design are currently setting up a new home for the show, which will make it easier for you to find and follow them and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or YouTube. We should have that in place for next…

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Creative Publishing: Go Creative! Show

Add More Imagination.

The ease with which we create anything is in direct proportion to the amount of imaginative energy we bring to the task. Go deep enough and we find ourselves in flow — that magical sense of being a conduit, of the thing being made through, not by, us. This is the truest and most joyful experience of creativity. Accessing it is, paradoxically, a matter of Read More

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Creative Publishing: Go Creative! Show

The Fast Road to Freedom

When you meet a new idea, how do you respond? If you’re only evaluating new information in the light of your old ideas, the effect is simply to strengthen what you already believe.

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