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Orna-Ross-about-pageDo you have a question about conscious creation you’d like answered?


Use this form to send me your questions about creative writing, publishing or living.

I answer these (anonymously, unless you choose otherwise) in the Ask Orna segment of the Go Creative! Show.

(Or if you’re an ALLi member with a publishing question, on the monthly Member Only Q&A with a special self-publishing expert each month.)

If you’d prefer a private response, just say.

I no longer do book reviews — as Director of ALLi, I can’t — so please don’t send me your book for review or promotion. I look forward to hearing about your challenges in writing or publishing it, though, and helping with those if I can.

Please note: I may not be able to respond immediately to one-to-one requests. Protecting core creative time is always my first priority. Sometimes that means disappearing into the cave for a bit.

Thank you for understanding that none of this could happen without that.

If featured, your question will help many others too.

x Orna

PS: Journalist & Blogger Friends: I also appreciate media requests, and am delighted to contribute to any publication or broadcast  directed at:

1) indie authors and self-publishing

2) conscious creation, creativism and creativity;

3) feminism and identity politics;

4) Irish literature and historical fiction. Anything Irish, actually.





EMAIL INBOX NOTE: Managing a high-volume inbox is challenging, so all my email is now screened and prioritized by the wonderful Sarah, who is the soul of discretion, judgement and empathy. When you receive a message from me it is, of course, actually from me. Sometimes responses will come from her, or if more appropriate, from the ALLi Helpdesk.

Weekends and evenings are for creative rest and play so opening hours (at ALLi and Orna Ross Towers), are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, London time.