All of life is constantly rain puddlemoving towards balance and equilibrium.

That’s why life and work flows easier when we get into balance ourselves; we’re not wasting energy in realignment, we’re free to go with the flow.

Creative balance has two key traits.  It is individual.  What is perfectly poised for one person is utter boredom for another, crazily driven to a third.

And balance is dynamic.  You don’t wake up one day and say: “Ah!  Here I am at last, finally balanced!”  It is constantly being renegotiated – in each year, in each week, in each hour, in each moment.

  • Should we try to make more or to want less?  Answer?  Balance.
  • Should we work harder to get what we want or slow down to better enjoy what we already have?  Answer?  Balance.
  • Should we accept what is — or take steps to change life to how we want it to be?  Answer?

Creative balance is always the answer.


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Coming Soon: Preorder now