It’s my daily hobby to play with a form of poetry called haiku, as a way of fostering creative presence in the moment.

And lately I’ve started posting them on Instagram with a photograph of that moment.

Haiku is an act of transcription. Here are a few recent ones:

Park walking.

The time of bluebells, my hand

in your hand.


Night pressing

the window. Our neighbour’s tree

waits for light.


Daughter’s dress

has mirror circles. Sequins

of myself.


Now your turn: Capture a moment of creative presence: Write a 3-7-3 haiku.

  • Use the thirteen syllables to give a short summation of a moment: what you saw, heard, touched, tasted or smelled.
  • Turn the moment in time into an image.
  • Don’t tell us what happened, show us.
  • Don’t tell us how you felt. Trust the images, the sense perception, to hold the emotion. A good haiku conveys a mood, without mentioning the person or mood.

Every place, every moment in time, is full of poetry. All we have to do is open up to it, allow it, express it.

Poetry is always possible.