A Compendium For Conscious Creators: Inspirations For Creative Living
Category: Go Creative! Series
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The GoCreative! Series

“The more I adopt the principles and practices of conscious creation, the happier I am, and the more effortlessly I create more of what I want in my life and less of what I don’t. “

From the best-selling author of “After The Rising” and “Blue Mercy”, and founder of the global non-profit, the Alliance of Independent Authors, comes this anthology that aims to help you to be more creative.

This is not a book about writing or innovation, arts or craft but an anthology of inspirations from Orna Ross’s Go Creative! series, a guide to applying the creative process to everything.

Through a blend of deeply personal stories about her own life and others’, Orna Ross offers enduring wisdoms about creative presence and practice, fostering flow, overcoming self-sabotage and creative living.

Chapters include: “What Is A Conscious Creation?”; “The Seven Stages of The Creative Process”; “How To Create Anything” and “Where The Law of Attraction Goes Wrong.”

But what makes this volume unique is the stories and poems.

Extracts from Orna Ross’s novels illustrate creative principles in action in the lives of her characters.

And inspirational poems aim to ignite the state of creative presence as you read.

The volume ends with a rousing Manifesto to engage and inspire those who want to become conscious creators.

At once a memoir, a meditation on the creative process, and an eloquent companion to living a creative life, this is also an instructional work-play book. Life-transforming exercises — “Over To You” — accompany each chapter, turning Ross’s unique insights into practical, easy-to-follow advice that meets you wherever you are right now.

Ranging widely across her work, this book demonstrates Orna Ross’s dedication to fostering the creative spirit in herself and others.

Guaranteed to inspire and ignite your own creative spark, it is also a practical guide to being more creative in work, in relationships and in life.