F-R-E-E-Writing: Unblocking Life’s Flow
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BOOK 3 from the GoCreative! series

From the best-selling author of After The Rising and Blue Mercy, and founder of the global nonprofit, the Alliance of Independent Authors, comes F-R-E-E-Writing: Unblocking Life s Flow, the third in this series of life-transforming guides to the mystery and magic of going creative. This is the first practice book in the series, which introduces Orna Ross s simple, radical F-R-E-E-Writing method. F-R-E-E stand for fast, raw and exact-but-easy and using those four principles, Ross guides the reader through writing and living in a whole new way. Readers of writing teachers like Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg and Brenda Ueland will find a shared philosophy here, but expanded and explained, and set in the context of the wider creativist practice outlined in the Go Creative! series. Drawing on ancient wisdom and recent research, as well as thirty years of a writing, publishing and teaching career, (not to mention fifty-plus years of living), Ross weaves her unique insights into an intimate and groundbreaking guide to writing fast and free for improved health, wealth and happiness. Two decades of research into the expressive writing technique taught in this book have demonstrated just how good it is for body, mind and creative spirit, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system and curing insomnia, to name but three physical benefits. F-R-E-E-Writers not only take fewer trips to the doctor, they function better in life and at work, score higher on tests of psychological well-being and profoundly increase their creative capacities. These benefits occur regardless of literacy or educational level. All that is needed is a sufficient level of literacy to communicate with yourself, fast and free. And the more often you F-R-E-E-Write, the more beneficial the effects. At school you learned how to write to communicate with others; now let this book give you all the benefits of knowing how best to write to self.

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