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Creative Writing: F-R-E-E Writing, The Go Creative! Show

The Go Creative! Show Episode 3: Creative Writing Is Free-Writing

Creative Writing In the third week of each month, the topic for the Go Creative! Show is creative writing. This week, the first half of the show introduces you to free-writing, a form of expressive, creative writing, and an incredible tool for healing and transformation. F.R.E.E. stands for Fast, Raw, Exact and Easy, and this technique is an excellent way for you to ignite and harness the create-state This week I was also joined by regular contributor Dan Blank, who specialises in helping people turn their creative work into their creative career, and we chatted about what he calls setting goals, and I call setting creative intentions. We look at…

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Creative Living: Be More Creative, The Creative Process

The 7 Stages of the Creative Process.

The creative process is not linear but for certain purposes we can treat it as if it is, and break it down into seven stages. Understanding these stages is useful no matter what we’re making, but becomes essential when we’re engaged in a large project. If what we’re creating comes easy to us – family dinner, F-R-E-E-writing, a dollar – we can pass right through the stages without noticing them. If it’s something more challenging – conference catering for 300, a published novel, a million dollars – awareness of the process helps us to avoid overwhelm, and all the other kinds of fears that can…

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