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Blue Mercy 3D
Creative Writing: Excerpts

This Week’s Book Extract: A Reading from Blue Mercy

In this extract, we’re taking up the story, just before Mercy’s father dies and she is arrested for the murder. At this point, she has returned to Ireland to care for him, he’s very old, he’s very ill and he’s as tyrannical as he ever was, in the days when she fled Ireland to get away from him. At this point in the novel we’re wondering, if Mercy is hiding something, we’re not sure what it is, we know her relationship with Star has deteriorated greatly and we’re wondering what that is about too but essentially we’re watching a woman…

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Creative Publishing

Making Time

Do you think of time as a straight, linear progression, 60 seconds to the hour, 7 days to the week? Time for an update. ‘One whole dimension of time and another of space have until now gone entirely unnoticed by us,’ Itzhak Bars of the University of Southern California recently told New Scientist. What does that mean for you?

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