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Creative Writing: Excerpts

Today’s Book Extract: How Authors Sell Publishing Rights by Orna Ross and Helen Sedwick

This is a necessarily brief introduction to something that is really, like so much in self-publishing, a learning-by-doing activity. Negotiation and pitching take practice. But once you have an understanding of the rights you own, a sense of your books and where they fit in the market and which rights you want to sell, you are ready to search out some potential rights buyers. Then to make a pitch and, if it’s successful, negotiate a deal. Yes, learning by doing. Making A Good Pitch Your pitch will vary depending on what rights you’re looking to sell and whether you are…

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Creative Publishing

Questions not Quotients

Has any topic ever generated more stupidity than the topic of intelligence? And of all the nonsense, surely the most pernicious is the belief in intelligence quotient, IQ, as anything but the most rudimentary and limited tool?
According to this understanding of intelligence, if you

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