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How To Self-Publish A Poetry Book

Selected Poetry 2012-2014 is almost here, it will publish in May 2015. I thought you might be interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the process of putting together a poetry print book, ebook and audio book. For this project, I worked closely with literary strategist Yen Ooi on concept, design and formatting. [Orna] Content – Poetry Selection The first step was for me to decide which poems I wanted to include in the selection.  As I looked back over three years of writing poetry, I was struck by how many poems connected to what I’ve been writing about in my fiction and nonfiction at the same…

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Tormentor Mentors

Certainly, the fact that no money changed hands in the past did not guarantee a positive experience for protégés. Having parried Yeats’s sexual attentions and refused his offer of marriage, Iseult Gonne moved on to a new champion, Ezra Pound, nurturer of the work of a remarkably diverse selection of writers, including James Joyce, TS Eliot and Ernst Hemingway.

Pound took Gonne’s talent seriously and offered her excellent advice in his ebullient way, but again the guidance was compromised by a desire to seduce her. Sexually, he had more success than Yeats but nothing of artistic significance emerged from the liaison

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