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sea poems

Creative Writing: New Poetry

Salema Moods: Three Short Poems

I. Ocean Pulse Rising, curling, foam unfurling, waves of cold Salema sea, next one coming, meet it running, plunge into the safe beneath. Avoid crashing, hard sand-smashing that could knock me to my knees. Out here holding. Look I’m floating! Blood-beat drumming in my ears. Waves keep surging, endless burgeon sent up from the darkest deeps, surface playing, breath delaying, I dive into your mystery, always saying all to me. II. Here is Where I’ve been here before but now I’m here for healing. Twice times ill with cancer and its cure here is where I’ve come. Numb beneath –…

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Creative Publishing

A Reply and An Answer.

Here is a small poem about a big subject: Listen, my parents, the grasses are crawling, the trees are all thrumming. Soon, birds won’t be able to sing. Listen. Hear me. Our time  Read More

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