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Creative Publishing: Self-publishing

Episode 5 of The Go Creative! Show

The Go Creative! Show has now reached episode five and this week I’m introducing publishing and arts commentator, Porter Anderson, who will be our most regular contributor to the creative publishing segment of the show, on the topic of “publishing for authors”. Porter is a journalist who, since spotting the potential for digital disruption in publishing, has had a fantastically varied career, as commentator, consultant, publishing conference and event curator and a marvellous column, Music For Writers at Thought Catalog. You can find out more about the show, read the transcript and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or YouTube on the…

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Creating Great Greeting Cards

A guest post by Phil Bolsta, offering the secrets learned in his career as a writer for major greeting card companies: 9 rules, 8 insights, 11 business tips and 16 techniques.

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