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Tom Evans

Creative Living: Be More Creative

How To Go Creative Interview With Tom Evans on The Zone Show

Dropped into Tom Evans’s The Zone Show today to talk about the creative process, creativism, going creative, the upcoming creativist club and how to create what you want. There’s also a reading of a poem — Yoo Hoo! — which I’ll publish on the blog next time. Always great to talk to Tom, who has such a deep understanding of the creative process himself. There may be an ad at the beginning (from Tom’s host) that you can ignore … just start a couples of minutes in. And while you’re there, do check out all the wonderful interviews and information in The Zone.

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: Excerpts

Who Needs Your Opinion.

Screenwriter William Goldman famously said of Hollywood: ‘Nobody knows anything’. The same is true of writing, as these judgements  of writers by writers below go to show. Leo Tolstoy on William Shakespeare: “Crude, immoral, vulgar and senseless.” William Faulkner on Mark Twain: “A hack writer who would not have been considered fourth rate in Europe, who tried out a few of the old proven ‘sure-fire’ literary skeletons with sufficient local colour to intrige the superficial and the lazy.” Willam Makepeace Thackeray on Jonathan Swift: “A monster gibbering shrieks, and Read More

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