Monday Motivator email

The Go Creative! Show is a new weekly broadcast I’m going to be doing, all about applying the creative process to everything in life.

And today, I’ve launched the first episode, which welcomes you to the show and tells you what to expect.

Just like here on the blog, I’ll be sharing insights, ideas and inspirations, about creative writing and creative publishing, but mostly about creative living. I’ll be:

  • reading from, and talking about, my novels and poems.
  • bringing news from ALLi, the self-publishing advice centre and the Indie Author Fringe online conferences.
  • sharing my own attempts at conscious creation beyond writing and publishing, the messy stuff of life.
  • exploring and teaching:
    •  the seven key creative practices (create dates; effortless exercise; free-writing; inspiration meditation; mindfulness; intentional rest and intentional play);
    • the seven key stages of the creative process (intention, incubation, investigation, drafting, deepening and finishing) and
    • the seven key mindsets that are present in everybody… (tribal, conquering, moral, aspirational, communitarian, creativist and transcencent) and how to ignite and foster that mindset we call “the create state”.
    • I’ll be talking to experts in the exploding field of creativity studies who’ll share fascinating — and fabulously promising — news from the creative front.
    • And I’ll also be answering your questions about what you’re trying to create right now.

    We’ll have a host of great contributors:

    Creative Writing: Regular contributors Dan Blank of We Grow Media and Joanna Penn from

    Creative Publishing: Joanna will also contribute to a regular highlight feature from Ask ALLi Self-Publishing Q&A, and Porter Anderson and Jane Friedman of author-publishing newsletter, The Hot Sheet, will bring us the latest updates from the publishing industry that are most relevant to indie authors.

    Creative Living: Guest interviewees making waves in creativity studies, from sound healers to neuroscientists. And also: you. You and your challenges, your resistance, your dreams and your doings.

    So lots of creative inspiration and motivation planned. Here’s the introductory show on Soundcloud.

    And if you’re interested in learning more about how to be more creative in life as well as work, sign up here for my weekly Monday Motivator Mail, which will bring you news of the broadcasts and books,  special giveaways and offers just for subscribers.

    Oh, and a friendly creative kick in the pants in Monday morning.

    I’m really looking forward to this new project which is going to draw together all the different tributaries of my work into one beautiful big river!

    If you’d like to flow along together, in the company of other creativist types, you can sign up here.