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Creativist Club: Member Levels

In the Creativist Club, each member sets a core creative intention (something they truly want to create, right now). Depending on their membership category, they get the level of support, encouragement, motivation, advice and accountability programs they need from other members and club facilitators.

Vision Plan Member: 49-Days (£49)

The Monday Motivator

A newcomer to conscious creation, or returning to start a new project, you’re in the first three stages of the creative process — envisioning, incubating, investigating and setting a clear creative intention and making it known to others.

You’ll set up a Creative Profile and be given a Creative Calling Card, which you can send to other members. You’ll have access to all the Go Creative! books and other resources in The Library, and be brought through a mapping and logging method that will take you through the writing of creative wish lists, understanding true intentions and essential wants, and ensuring you’re setting the right creative intention in the right way. You’ll fillVision maps and logs, set up creative work rest and play practices and avail of a weekly Monday Motivator from Orna.

By the end of seven-weeks: you should have gained creative clarity, established good habits and be completely set up to draft and deliver your intention.

Making Plan Member: 21-Weeks (£99)

The Creativist Cafe´

Your creative intention is clearly established and acknowledged. You know what you want to make and you’re ready to move beyond visioning to drafting your project.

You’ll have access to everything a Vision Member has (see above), together with a Drafting and Deepening program that will move your project towards completion and success.

In addition, you will be able to avail of the advice, encouragement, and support from other club members in The Creativist Cafe (our private Facebook Group, full of other creatives and creativists, just like you, who are making dreams a reality).

By the end of the 21 weeks, you should have a good draft of your project, ready for any final corrections before finishing off.

Success Plan Member: Full Year (£199)

The Creativist Studio

Comfortable with the seven stages of the process, your focus is on taking your project all the way from intention through vision and revision to completion and success.

You’ll have access to everything a Vision and Maker Member has (see above), together with The Studio (a moderated Asana work-rest-and-play space), where you can manage timelines and workflows, get advice and set deadlines and be held accountable by Studio moderators.

By the end of the year, or sooner, you should have completed your intention and embarked on another project.