“Imagination is not the icing on life but the oven in which it is baked.”

You are a creatively intelligent being – you wouldn’t be able to read this if you were not – but most of us urgently need to boost our CQ (our creative intelligence quotient).

That is what this blog is about, sharing what I have learned and continue to learn about how CQ can be ignited, fostered and developed.

Whatever you want to create (a book, a family, an artwork,  a marriage, a business, a song, a million dollars) the process is always – yes, always – the same.

And it begins with you: your want, your intention.  You are creating multifarious things and experiences in your life, right now, whether you are aware of it or not.

No matter what you want to create, or what stage of the process you are at, this blog aims to help.

  1. It will enable you to set true intentions, as distinct from false hankerings that lead to frustration, disillusion and disappointment.  In our culture, wants intersect with needs and cravings in ways that can be downright perplexing.  As Western capitalism spreads it tentacles ever wider, we all need to know how to distinguish between needs and intentions, desires and urges, cravings and addictions — so we can create what truly needs to be brought into being.
  2. It will offer you tools, methods, insights and practices to bring your intention to fruition, in a way that benefits you and others.
  3. It will focus on how you create (the process) as much as on what you create (the end product), introducing you to your own mind in three dimensions: Front Mind, Deep Mind, Beyond Mind.
  4. It will bring you information from the intersection of psychology, science and spirituality in terms you can understand.
  5. It will help you to deal with setbacks and adversity and what I call your ABCDEs – the internal attitudes, beliefs, concepts, denials and expectations that you hold which can beset you and derail you along the way.
  6. It will provide intelligent, thought-provoking and inspiring posts (from me and trusted others) on innovation, awareness, intuition, neuroscience, freedom, active allowing, genius, mindfulness, identity, imagination, attraction, freethinking,  happiness, money & true wealth, art, motivation, stimulation, philosophy, concentration, play, artistic & scientific breakthrough, courage, psychology, inspiration, story, history, integral living and – because I believe it to be the original and primary constraint on our creative capacities – gender.
  7. It will offer encouragement, motivation and support from me and, through the comments box, from many other “conscious creators”.
  8. It will show you how the creative way is different, what you need to know and what you need to let go (“unlearn”).
  9. It will give you exercises and assignments as well as tips and tutorials
  10. It will teach you the value of dreaming in all its forms: naval gazing, sky walking, depth plunging, time stopping, hope holding, trust building, stillness.

PLUS: It will bring you an “Be Inspired” Link of the Day — individuals, organisations, quotes, photos, videos and more that will  further expand and illuminate your vision.

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