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Creative Collaborators

Below find the wonderful creative collaborators whose assistance with editorial and design, administration and marketing enables me to make books, reach readers and further the work of other indie authors and creative entrepreneurs. Without these people, there would be no books, no Alliance of Independent Authors, no Indie Author Fringe and no Creativist Club. Thank you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you!




Jay is a project manager specializing in content marketing and social media, who left a lucrative corporate career to pursue her passions for writing and creating. She fuses strategic planning and project management experience with her creative side, to create actionable brand-profile solutions for entrepreneurs with a vision, helping other solopreneurs achieve their business goals. She is also a successful indie Travel Guide author, avid blogger and ghostwriter.

Orna says: “Jay is a powerhouse combination of practicality and creativity. Her organizational skills keep ALLi running smoothly, supporting our planning and social media and she keeps me on track creatively, as well as helping with writing and production. She is multi-talented and multi-skilled.”

Jay says: “When you work alongside Orna Ross, you know that anything is possible. Creativity is a powerful force. Nothing can stand in its way when you harness its powers, and that’s what Orna is skilled at. I’m happy to be standing here in the cross-winds, being swept up in a gust of creative motion.”




Sarah is a virtual assistant and copywriter supporting business owners with website, project and blog management, as well as general business administration. Her passion is writing short, sharp sales video scripts to help businesses promote their products and services by standing out in today’s crowded marketplace. When not jet-setting the globe, Sarah resides in the French Alps.

Orna says: “Sarah is endlessly and, it seems effortlessly, cheerful and capable, as well as highly creative and productive. Far more than a personal assistant, she tackles admin and correspondence, yes, but also solves problems, answers member queries, does outreach marketing, and has made herself all-round indispensable. I love working with her.” 

Sarah says: “Being approached by Orna to support her indie author business and non-profit was a dream. Not only am I an avid reader, I enjoy writing online copy for businesses, and have aspirations of writing my own book one day. So learning from her, albeit indirectly, makes Orna the perfect client! Her positivity, endless ideas and desire to help authors reach their literary goals, is inspirational.”




NYT bestselling author Joni Rodgers began her writing career as a novelist, published by MacAdam-Cage, Bertelsmann and HarperCollins. Her syndicated newspaper column and bestselling memoir Bald in the Land of Big Hair (HarperCollins 2001) brought her to the attention of celebrities and other extraordinary people who asked her to help them tell their stories. As a high profile ghostwriter, book doctor and editor, she’s done more than a dozen books with Random House, S&S, Hyperion, HarperCollins, Perigee and Crown and worked with a handful of stellar indie authors who are committed to meeting (or exceeding!) traditional publishing craft standards. She lives in Texas and vlogs about books she loves on Joni’s List.

Orna says: “Finding the right editor is a key moment in every indie author’s life. From the moment Joni and I started working together, she delivered the most intelligent, engaged and useful editorial feedback I ever got from any editor or consultant, inside or outside trade publishing. She’s also a brilliant line-editor. Joni lives and breathes books and cares deeply about craft. Working with her is fun and so rewarding.”

Joni says: “Orna Ross is a fabulous dame and a joy to work with. She’s impressed me with her raw talent, inspired me with her creative spirit and reality-checked me with her work-savvy kitchen sink wisdom. As a publishing industry mover/shaker, she continues to amaze and motivate me.”




Jane—professionally known as JD Smith—started life as a graphic designer and is now also an award-winning book designer. She lives in the English Lake District.

Orna says: “As well as running an award-winning book design business, Jane has written and published several historical fiction novels, is a member of the Triskele Books collective, and editor of the writers’ zine Words with JAM and the readers’ review site Bookmuse. Not to mention her young family! And is it because she’s an author herself that she’s so endlessly obliging and patient through my tweaks and experiments. In short: Jane Dixon-Smith has super powers.”

Jane says: “I like working with Orna because she is as passionate about books as I am.”




Andrew is the founder and creative lead at Design for Writers, where he has been providing professional design services (such as web, cover and promotional design) for writers, publishers and writing organisations since 2009.

Orna says: “Andrew is a gifted book designer who worked on the covers for After The Rising, Before The Fall and In The Hour as well as the covers for the ALLi self-Publishing guidebooks. He has a meticulous step-by-step process that unites simplicity of fonts and cover detail with arresting creative imagery. I especially love the Before The Fall cover and love working with Andrew.”

Andrew says: “I like working with Orna because over many years and many projects we’ve merrily created some great things together…and have yet to come to blows!”