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My Work

    This website brings together my work as a writer and publisher with my creativist teaching and campaigning. I share what I’m creating myself and also offer techniques, technologies and tools to others who want to go creative too, not just in work but in life.

My work is threefold:

    • CREATIVE WRITING: I write historical fiction, largely set in Ireland or among the Irish disapora. I write poems, in the Irish tradition but also haiku to accompany some of my Instagram pics. And the creative skills I facilitate include f-r-e-e-writing a powerful tool for personal liberation and transformation.
    • CREATIVE PUBLISHING: I took the self-publishing leap in 2012 and loved it so much that my husband (known around these parts as The Hub) and I formed a nonprofit together, to help others who also wanted to self-publish well: the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). For this work, the Bookseller has, since 2013, included me in their “Top 100 People in Publishing”, a tribute to the dedication of the ALLi team and the talent of ALLi members. [ALLi, by the way, is pronounced not “allee” but “ally”,  with members are known as ALLies]. Together with the ALLi team, I also run the Self-Publishing Advice Center, and the Indie Author Fringe Online Conference, a free online conference that runs three times a year, fringe to The London Book Fair, Book Expo America and Frankfurt Book Fair.
    • CREATIVE LIVING: I teach the principles, practices and process of creativism, conscious creation and creative living through my Go Creative! books and blog. And for those who want to take this way of life seriously, there’s the Creativist Club, a safe space for creativists to hang out together, share our dreams and cheer each other on through the delights and challenges of taking the creative way. Teaching this way of life keeps me honest, through my own creative challenges. I have to walk my talk. More about creativism here.