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What Is A Creativist?

To me, creative is not a thing: art, music, dance. Or a person: artist, musician, dancer. It’s a way.

I am a creative and a creativist. They are related but different and when I started my blog, back in 2008, I needed a word that would distinguish between my creative work (using the creative process to write books) and the creative approach I also applied to my life.

Creativism is: the conscious application of creative principles to everything in life

A Creativist is: a person who applies creative principles to the art of living e.g. home, relationships, money, work.

I’ve always been interested in the process of conscious creation and how the creative process applies to life, as well as work and art. I believe this creativist approach is not just a great way to live, but humanity’s best hope of meeting the three most important challenges of our times: bigotry, environmental degradation and human despair. So I pass on what I’ve learned about it whenever I can.

I haven’t always lived that way. For the first decades of my life, I didn’t even know it was a way.

But when I started, around my fortieth birthday, applying the same creative practices I used to make books to everything else in my life, it changed everything.

Life started to make sense. In the words of my favorite poet, WB Yeats, soul began to “clap its hands and sing”.

The further I took the creative process, the better life got. Challenges didn’t stop rising (I was soon dealing with cancer recovery, among other things) but I had access to a vast underground swell of power that I hadn’t understood before.

I began a process of creative education and came to understand that the same process that creates one thing creates everything.

That we are all creating all the time, whether we realize it or not.

And that our innate creative power can be ignited and engaged in every life situation.

Going Creative

Some people think going creative is selfish. On the contrary, the creative way fosters health, wealth and happiness, fun, freedom and flow not just for ourselves, but for everyone around us.

I like the campaigning feel to the word “creativism”. I do feel that I am an evangelist for creative living and my dedication to this way of life grows, strengthens and deepens, year on year.

Now, unlike before, my life feeds my work, and my work feeds my life, in a benign creative circle.

It is magic, yes, but it’s a magical power we can all access. Find our more in my books about creative living and conscious creation.

You can also join the Creativist Club to get support and motivation, and a dedicated workflow space, to enable you to create what you most want.

If resistance or self-sabotage have blocked your way before, our community of experienced conscious creators can help. Check it out.