The ease with which we create anything is in direct proportion to the amount of imaginativecreative intelligence spiral energy we bring to the task.

Go deep enough and we find ourselves in flow — that magical sense of being a conduit, of the thing being made through, not by, us.

This is the truest and most joyful experience of creativity. Accessing it is, paradoxically, a matter of concentration.

When novelist Jonathan Franzen is writing, he:

  • takes out his computer card, so he’s not tempted by gaming.
  • physically seals the ethernet port, so he can’t connect to the internet.
  • wears earplugs as he writes, over which he places noise-cancelling headphones that pipe “pink noise” – white noise at a lower frequency.
  • at times, even wears a blindfold as he touch-types.

This concentrated creative attention has enabled Franzen to produce brilliant books like The Corrections and now, Freedom.

How might you enable a similar level of imaginative focus for you?  What sort of difference would that make to your projects?

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