Travel broadens the mind, this much we know. What’s now becoming evident is that, with an open mind in place, exposure to other cultures also deepens our creative capacity: inspiration, motivation, and drive.

Professor Angela Leung from the Singapore Management University exposed a group of her students (through a series of pictures) to one of three conditions: a single culture, dual cultures, and a fusion of cultures.

Those exposed to dual cultures or a fusion of cultures demonstrated higher creative performance for up to seven days after the experiment.

A large factor in the above experiment was how open these students are to new experiences. Leung’s next study was to test just that and she found that students with more multicultural experiences were more likely to be creative if they had an open mind.

Incidently, Leung has also done much research that supports last week’s blog post, about the connections between exercise and enhanced creativity. You can read more about that here.

So, to be more creative: open your mind, move your body, pack your bags and get exposed to a culture beyond your own.

Is that your experience?