When it comes to marketing and promoting my books I’ve been letting myself down. I know what I should be doing, to get more reviews, put my books into promotions and let readers know they exist.

But while I love the creative side of marketing – design, blogging, emailing readers – I’m not so good on the promotional end (especially anything that involves the d-d-d-dreaded D word: data.

Yet I know analytics and algorithm is what is firing big book sales today.

Where there’s a skill or interest gap, the savvy indie author hires.

So that’s what I’ve done.

Enter Caoimhe

I’m thrilled to introduce you today to Caoimhe O’Brien, who’s going to be working with me to ensure those promotional tasks get done.

She’s also going to report back here, each week, to share what we’re doing together — in the hope that it will help you too, if you are interested in digital marketing.

What works for books will also work for other creative products, careers and interests.

Take it away, Caoimhe:

To say I’m excited to work on Orna’s fabulous list of books is an understatement! My previous digital marketing experience was based at a busy publisher where I worked a huge and wide-ranging list. Now I’ll get to concentrate my efforts on the books of one author and really spend time developing Orna’s author brand.

My first week working as Digital Marketing Assistant for Orna has been so enjoyable. I’ve been doing lots of reading and research to find out more about her books. It’s also been really fun planning the marketing campaign for each book, over the next few months.

My first focus will be on Orna’s literary and historical fiction books and I’ve spent the week thinking of new ways to promote them, including paid advertising on Facebook, Amazon and Bookbub.

This can seem expensive but when you get the combination of targeting and content right, it can be such an effective marketing tool.

There are so many online courses from experienced marketers like Mark Dawson and Dave Chesson that paid advertising doesn’t have to be a scary, unknown quantity anymore for authors.

I also think paid email advertising sites like Ereader News Today and BookSends can be great in building sales. Lots of people talk about the amazing effects of a Bookbub promotion but smaller sites like ENT still have an email list that can reach lots of readers.

And it is much easier to get a slot!

Despite having more than two years of digital marketing experience under my belt, I still have lots of learn. Any indie author or book marketer will tell you that the digital industry is changing everyday as people find new and improved ways to get their books in front of a fresh audience. This can seem daunting at first but I prefer to think of it as an exciting challenge.

My job is to give Orna’s books the platform that they deserve and I can’t wait to get stuck in.