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Creative Living: Effortless Exercise

Posts In This Category Are About The Go Creative! Practice Of Mindfree Movement

Creative Living: Creative Practice, Effortless Exercise

This Week’s Book Extract: from Creativist Compendium

Letting Go An extract from Creativist Compendium Conscious Creation is not about working relentlessly hard to meet goals. Though effort is needed, it’s not the conventional effort of striving, stress, or strain, and intentional rest is very much part of the process. This extract from Inspiration Medi- tation, introduces the concept of such intentional rest. Creative rest is not time off from the creative process: it is the creative process. Every productive writer and artist talks about how the best ideas, the ones with most depth, resonance and coherence, surface during downtime. “When I am… completely myself, entirely alone and…

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ocean poetry
Creative Living: Create Dates, Effortless Exercise

Wild swimming in Florida

As many of you know I love wild swimming…. or as we used to call it in Ireland where I grew up, er, swimming. So when I was invited to speak at the NINC conference I didn’t have to think twice. Not only was it Florida in October, but the very wise women who run this great association hold their conference literally on the beach. I’ll be reporting on the conference over at The Author Advice Centre’s blog on Monday. In between conference sessions, I’ve been running the sands and swimming the waves each day. (No that’s not me in the pic…

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Creative Living: Creativist Musings, Effortless Exercise

A Creative Manifesto: For Creatives and Creativists

One: Going Creative Accepting that my relationship with my own mind and its creative capacities defines all the other relationships in my life, I resolve to foster conscious creative awareness and connection. I seek opportunities to express my truth, offer fresh insights,  foster innovation, and contribute to imaginative outcomes. Two: Amplifying Happiness Accepting that I and the world need to rebalance a bias towards the conventional, the negative and the destructive, I focus on and accentuate the creative, the positive and the life-enhancing. While not denying any suffering that exists within me or around me, and allowing myself to observe and express the truth of…

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Creative Publishing: Creative Practice, Effortless Exercise

Inspiration Meditation Audio

A 45-min downloadable album that includes a guided Inspiration Meditation & Creative Visualisation, both supported by sound vibration supremo, Kimba Arem. The audio guides you, step-by-step, through the meditation and visualisation, both especially devised to foster insight, creative flow, inspiration, perception and revelation. Every moment of each track aims to connect you to your innate creative potential and develop your creative intelligence. MORE INFORMATION & PURCHASE: HERE.

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Creative Publishing: Creative Practice, Effortless Exercise

Guided Inspiration Meditation Audio

Inspiration Meditation I hope you had a great Easter. Ms Accident Central (that would be me of the just healed jaw but now broken ankle) was confined to base — sunny garden, lying prone, foot up , ordering regular cool drinks and rations of Green & Black’s. Not so shabby. Also, it gave  me the opportunity to finally put together the Inspiration Meditation Audio I’ve been working on for eons with the gifted and gorgeous Kimba Arem and the equally g&g Tristan from The Way Studios. So it’s finally here (drum roll! te dah!): A 45-min downloadable MP3 that includes a guided…

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