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Creative Living: Productivity For Creative People

Creative Living: Be More Creative, Productivity For Creative People

Music For Creativity & Creative Focus

I came to The Many Rivers Ensemble, Through the work of Kimba Arem, who did the music for my Inspiration Meditation CD. This isn’t music to put on in the background as an aid to focus and concentrate but something to play with your eyes closed before you get started, to get you into the create state. (Warning: effortless exercise may occur!)

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Add More Imagination.

The ease with which we create anything is in direct proportion to the amount of imaginative energy we bring to the task. Go deep enough and we find ourselves in flow — that magical sense of being a conduit, of the thing being made through, not by, us. This is the truest and most joyful experience of creativity. Accessing it is, paradoxically, a matter of Read More

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