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Creative Living: The Creative Process

creative intentions for creativists
Creative Living: Be More Creative, The Creative Process

How To Set A Good Creative Intention

As this recent post points out, productivity is not creativity. Productivity planners, timetables, SMART goals and the like can be too detailed and prescriptive for creatives and creativists, who also prefer to harness the the power of the subconscious mind, rather than relying too heavily on resolution and willpower. It is certainly possible to produce something using that kind of motivation, but it tends to prove more successful for smaller and more concrete tasks. The approach is too managerial, too rational, too conscious for our deepest wants. What’s missing is a tap into the vast reservoir of our imaginative and…

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Creative Living: Be More Creative, The Creative Process

The Seven Stages of the Creative Process.

Trying to grasp the creative process is like trying to grasp water. The harder we try, the less we hold. The process is not linear but for certain purposes, we can treat it as if it is, and break it down into seven stages. Everything we create invariably goes through these stages on its way from imagined form (wants, desires) into material form (things, experiences). * * * Understanding these stages is useful no matter what we’re making, but it becomes essential when we’re engaged in a large project. If what we’re making comes easy to us — family dinner, f-r-e-e-writing, a dollar —…

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