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Creative Publishing: Awards & Prizes

Creative Publishing: Awards & Prizes, Ireland & Irish Writing, WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

What Winning the Carousel-Aware Prize For Independent Fiction Means To Me

On October 25th, which also happens to be the night the Man-Booker prize winner was announced this year, I won my own first prize as a novelist. It’s not likely that you’ll have heard of that award, for three reasons. It’s an Irish prize, this is its first year in existence, and it’s a prize for independent author-publishing. So minority, all the way. But the award ceremony was packed, delivered to the room full of fervent book-lovers you see above. And I couldn’t have been happier about it, had it been the Man-Booker itself. And when, next day, I received a beautiful…

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Creative Publishing: Awards & Prizes, Events & Courses, Ireland & Irish Writing

The Winner of The CAP Awards To Be Announced Tonight

The Carousel Aware Prize for the best independently published books in Ireland will be announced tonight, at a gala event in Dublin. I’m honored that Her Secret Rose is shortlisted in the Best Novel category and sad that, for personal reasons, I can’t travel to Ireland to be there. It’s going to be a great evening. It very fitting, because Ireland’s most famous poet, WB Yeats, one of the protagonists of the novel, was a self-publisher, through the printing press his sisters ran, Cuala Press. From long before Yeats’s time up to the contemporary Booker prizewinner Roddy Doyle, self-publishing has been important to Irish…

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Creative Publishing: Awards & Prizes, Self-publishing News, WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

“Her Secret Rose” Shortlisted in The Carousel Aware Prize for Independent Authors

Rather thrilled have been shortlisted for Best Novel in the CAP AWARDS-2016, along with: Thomas Paul Burgess for White Church, Black Mountain James Lawless for American Doll Pam Lecky for The Bowes Inheritance Neil Rochford for The Blue Ridge Project. The prize was set up by the wonderful writer, facilitator and all round creativist, Carolann Copland of Carousel Creates, whom I first met when she took one of my creative writing courses in Dublin, many moons ago. This latest creation of hers will be a boon to the indie community and to Irish people suffering from depression. Read More: CAP…

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: Awards & Prizes


Her name? Her name is Generose, here is how her story flows: through the latest news of war our ruler coming out to say ‘Bombs Again!’ Though his minions’ mincing words, force-feeding what ‘we’ need to do, and why, (with regret) some evil people (and some others) must die; through the soldiers jumping to, while I, and my kind, are left gasping behind, holding a small stand somewhere like this, appealing to someone like you. So… Can you come with me to a place far from here, where four or five m– No. Let me begin again. Let me start with…

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