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Indie Author Fringe

Posts In This category Are About The Indie Author Fringe Online Conferences, Fringe to London Book Fair, Book Expo America and Frankfurt Book Fair

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The Three Sides to Every Tool

Margaret Atwood: “Every tool has three sides. The sharp side (the upside). The blunt side (the down side). And the…

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Creative Publishing: Indie Author Fringe

Five Tips to Go From Blog to Book.

Think your blog can be the next bestseller? Here are some tips for aspiring writers from editor Iris Blisi:
1. Consider your category. The web is a goldmine for humor writers in particular. “If you’re funny and your voice is unique, people will come to it,” says Patrick Mulligan, editor and blog scout.
2. Pay heed to tradition even in a digital environment. The best way to catch the attention of an agent or editor? “A good,

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Note to Beginner Writers

If you want to be a writer, not just a hack, you’ve got to make writing top of your heap. It has to be, or become, more important to you than two of the following: money, family or friends. It definitely has to be more important than TV. You’ve got to do the work. Lay down sentences and paragraphs, like an athlete lays down miles. Put words through your fingers, like a musician drums scales. Go on your metaphorical knees to the mystery of inspiration, like a priest before an altar.

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