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Creative Publishing: Reader Team

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Creative Publishing: Reader Team

Would You Like To Help Launch A Bestseller?

I’m writing a film script based on my book Her Secret Rose, my historical novel drama about the love triangle between the Irish poet WB Yeats, his muse the revolutionary feminist Maud Gonne, and her daughter, Iseult. (Yes, you read that right, and yes, it is a true story, though told as page-turning fiction. Believe me, you couldn’t make it up). The book won recently the inaugural Carousel-Aware prize (best novel) and I’m almost ready to ask my agent to send the pitch out to film companies. If I can also make it a bestseller on Amazon, it stands a…

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Add More Imagination.

The ease with which we create anything is in direct proportion to the amount of imaginative energy we bring to the task. Go deep enough and we find ourselves in flow — that magical sense of being a conduit, of the thing being made through, not by, us. This is the truest and most joyful experience of creativity. Accessing it is, paradoxically, a matter of Read More

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