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Creative Publishing: Special Editions

Occasionally I do a one off special which are for sale only on my website

Creative Publishing: Special Editions

Special September Offer: Secret Rose Special Edition Half Price

You will receive: WB Yeats’s short stories The Secret Rose & Orna Ross’s novel Her Secret Rose brought together, in a specially commissioned and digitally crafted replica of Yeats’s 1897 first edition. A unique gift book (only 500 numbered copies available) signed, lovingly wrapped, and dispatched directly from the author. A personal dedication on the signed book Handwritten card from the author. Enter the recipient’s name, and any details about what you’d like Orna to say in the Special Instructions box you’ll meet as you go through the Paypal payment process. And, Orna says, “drop me an email here once you’ve ordered so we can…

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: Special Editions

Be More Creative: Get Exercising

Albert Einstein said of the theory of relativity, “I thought of it while riding my bicycle.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said of Thoreau: “The length of his walk uniformly made the length of his writing. If shut up in the house, he did not write at all.” Christopher Bergland, endurance athlete, author and political activist. says of exercise: “Sweat is like WD-40 for your mind—it lubricates the rusty hinges of your brain and makes your thinking more fluid. Exercise allows your conscious mind to access fresh ideas that are buried in the subconscious.” Anyone who exercises regularly has had this experience….

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Creative Publishing: Special Editions

Latest Links

Welcome to your weekly update of the best creative intelligence weblinks. It’s been a big week for indie authors, with the news that Harry Potter’s creator, JK Rowling, is joining the ranks. Wired Magazine has all the news of this Radiohead moment for publishing.  And you can catch the woman herself giving us a taste of Pottermore here. Then came word that John Locke, the man from whom Read More

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Add More Imagination.

The ease with which we create anything is in direct proportion to the amount of imaginative energy we bring to the task. Go deep enough and we find ourselves in flow — that magical sense of being a conduit, of the thing being made through, not by, us. This is the truest and most joyful experience of creativity. Accessing it is, paradoxically, a matter of Read More

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