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Creative Publishing: Ireland & Irish Writing

I Am an Irish Writer And Posts In This category Are About Other Irish Writers and Ireland As Inspiration

Creative Publishing: Awards & Prizes, Ireland & Irish Writing, WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

What Winning the Carousel-Aware Prize For Independent Fiction Means To Me

On October 25th, which also happens to be the night the Man-Booker prize winner was announced this year, I won my own first prize as a novelist. It’s not likely that you’ll have heard of that award, for three reasons. It’s an Irish prize, this is its first year in existence, and it’s a prize for independent author-publishing. So minority, all the way. But the award ceremony was packed, delivered to the room full of fervent book-lovers you see above. And I couldn’t have been happier about it, had it been the Man-Booker itself. And when, next day, I received a beautiful…

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Creative Publishing: Awards & Prizes, Events & Courses, Ireland & Irish Writing

The Winner of The CAP Awards To Be Announced Tonight

The Carousel Aware Prize for the best independently published books in Ireland will be announced tonight, at a gala event in Dublin. I’m honored that Her Secret Rose is shortlisted in the Best Novel category and sad that, for personal reasons, I can’t travel to Ireland to be there. It’s going to be a great evening. It very fitting, because Ireland’s most famous poet, WB Yeats, one of the protagonists of the novel, was a self-publisher, through the printing press his sisters ran, Cuala Press. From long before Yeats’s time up to the contemporary Booker prizewinner Roddy Doyle, self-publishing has been important to Irish…

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