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Creative Writing: Wexford

interview about the irish trilogy
Creative Writing: 1916 Rising & Irish Independence, Behind the books, Wexford

Friday Fiction: Interview About The Irish Trilogy with Regina Joyce Clarke

 I thought you might enjoy this selection from an in-depth interview I’ve just done with author Regina Joyce Clarke. The full article, which also discusses background, influences, poetry, creative advice and self-publishing can be found on Medium.com. The extract below is the part of the interview about the Irish trilogy.  Interview about the Irish Trilogy: Writing Did you plan a trilogy from the start? No. It was all one book but it was too long and had to be split. And then a third and final part of the story presented itself… Did you know what each book was to have in it…

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Creative Publishing: Wexford

My Muse The Mop

I was at a conference recently where a very eminent (and sporting) author agreed to write and perform a poem on a topic chosen by the audience — within 30 minutes. “Oh,” she wailed to me backstage, panicked by her daring. “If only I had a floor to mop.” Neuroscience confirms what creatives of all kinds have always known: the best ideas surface more often during off-time (Creative Rest) and down-time (Creative Play) than desk-time (Creative Work). Creative rest can be daydreaming, taking a nap, mulling … or mopping. Research shows that a good flow of quality ideas is also nurtured…

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