W is for Workshop.

IMG_0018It’s also for: What do YOU want to create?

I’m doing a small three-hour seminar “How To Create (Whatever You Want)” at Conway Hall, Central London on Sat 15th May 2010, 10am to 1pm.

This is my first seminar in two years and I’m keeping it intimate, just 15 places, at a cost of £70.  As a blog subscriber you’re hearing about it first.

At the seminar, you will:

  • Learn the 5 principles, 7 stages and 3 practices that enable you to own and hone your creative  intelligence
  • Experience your own inspiration and creativity in action during the session
  • Take away two transformative skills.
  • Acquire techniques that you can use again and again, whenever you want.
  • Discuss the challenges inherent in living a consciously creative life.
  • Enjoy music and writing, connection and motivation, uplift and inspiration — and lots of what we Irish call craic.
  • Leave with your own individual creative plan to follow

There are no more places in May.

The next Creative Intelligence Workshop with Orna Ross

will take place in Central London.

Further details here

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