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Orna Says: “I first met Toby (left) when we were on a panel together at the Battle of Ideas, though I knew him by repute from his days as publisher at Atlantic books (I loved White Tiger, Atlantic’s Man-Booker win). I was impressed by his speech that Saturday at The Barbican. He spoke passionately about the cultural importance of what he called “long-form writing”: books, essentially. I was also intrigued by his move from publishing to talent management.

“We met up at The Free Word Centre, had a long and delightful chat about all things literary, and I was again impressed by Toby’s grasp of the implications of new publishing and the shift towards author empowerment. I’m delighted to have his support for my own work and that of ALLi.”

TMA works in association with Ed Victor Ltd. If you have a rights or co-publishing query, you can contact Toby directly by using the contact form (right).

The Agency also provides a unique subsidiary rights service for other indie authors, through the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) .