Ten Questions and A Why

Yes, the festivities are over and the self-improvement season is almost upon us. And so, a series designed to lead us into making 2012 our most creative year, ever.

Kick off by taking out your freewriting notebook and answering the following ten questions. After each answer, ask ‘why?’ — and also freewrite your answer to that, always important, question.

  1. What would you create if you let yourself run wild?
  2. Which kind of risk is okay with you?  Financial? Emotional? (And how do you stay safe while taking yourself out there?)
  3. What should you change? What should you accept? Which is easier for you, change or acceptance?
  4. How do you feel about failure?
  5. How much money would you like to create (an actual figure please)?
  6. What would you like people to say about you?
  7. Which people?
  8. What if there was no past and no future? What would you do right now?
  9. Should we trust you?
  10. What will be the most important thing, in the end, for you?

Remember: After each answer, ask ‘why?’ and write the answer to that.

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