You’re always succeeding at creating something. The question is: what?

When people talk about becoming more creative, what they really mean is more consciously creative — better at creating more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

Becoming more creative is less about striving or effort and more about about removing internal barriers that come between you and this innate potential, allowing it to flow more freely.

Here are the twenty most common mental blockers of creativity. Tick all those which apply to you. Tomorrow, we’ll be looking at how to dissolve them:

  • Inability to Relax
  • Risk Averse
  • Need for Order, Uniformity, Routine
  • Glass-Half-Empty Thinking
  • Tendency to Cynicism
  • Emphasis on Security
  • Highly Opinionated
  • Need to Control
  • Perfectionist/Self-Critical
  • Uncomfortable with Solitude
  • Quick to Judge
  • Resistance to Reverie/Daydreaming
  • Underwhelmed by Challenge
  • Overwhelmed by Challenge
  • Need for Quick Success
  • Avoidance of Criticism, Failure or Mistakes
  • Unable to delay Gratification
  • Need for Distractions and Constant Activity
  • Dislike of Uncertainty
  • Unwilling to Engage in Conjecture, Speculation, ‘What-if’ thinking.
[picture Barriers6 by Michael Freedman]
Orna Ross
Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is an award-winning author-publisher, advocate for independent authors and other creative entrepreneurs and, as Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, "one of the 100 most influential people in publishing" (The Bookseller).