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Creative Business Planning For Authors: Membership in Patreon

I no longer provide one-to-one consultancy or mentoring. Instead I run a small-group, private membership through Patreon which offers a live workshop each month on a specific aspect of improving your income and influence as an author. There’s also a closed Facebook group and members have full access to a suite of author-business planning and resources.

It is organized through my Patreon Page and that’s where you register (Monthly fee, cancel anytime, no annual commitment).

Creative Business Planning For Authors: The Workshops

The workshops are run in private online session, via Zoom.  This is not a large webinar but a small-group, private workshop where everyone gets a chance to speak and no question goes unanswered. It runs on the last Friday of each month at 5pm UK time and replays are available in Patreon group.

You leave each month with:

    • Clarity: Your creative month mapped out with clear intentions and a list of actionable tasks.
    • Achievability: Tasks and intentions are realistic and time-based
    • Simplicity: No more than one guiding intention and three sub-intentions per month. And no more than three 90-minute creative time blocks per day.
    • Replay videos so you can refer back any time
    • Personal attention including feedback on your current project.
    • Your questions answered. Nobody left behind policy!

Creative Business Planning For Authors: The Resources

  • Free e-books and resources: Intention maps, accomplishment logs, and other Go Creative! worksheets. Downloadable and printable resources, tools and planners that cannot fail if you follow them.

Creative Business Planning For Authors: The Support Group

This is not unmoderated chatter, but an accountability group for motivated and talented authors mapping their creative intentions and logging their accomplishments weekly between the monthly planning sessions.

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