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It’s workshop week! This month it’s running on Monday (today) instead of Tuesday, as tomorrow I’m off to Madrid for a conference about self-publishing in Spanish. I’ll have more information on that next week… as it’s something we should all be thinking about, Spanish being the world’s 2nd most spoken language.

And you know I believe that we all need to publish these days, no matter what business we’re in. Understanding the Spanish market can open up a great raft of readers and customers.

From Business Block to Money Flow Part One: How A Successful Creativepreneur Thinks & Works is the theme of tonight’s workshop.

Last month, we looked at the ways in which creatives typically get blocked around business:


  • Not Knowing,
  • Can’t Get Going
  • Fizzled Out
  • Stop-Starting


  • Underdeveloped Projects
  • Doing Too Much
  • Wrong Choices


  • Understanding what it is to be a creative in business
  • Designing your business around your definition of success.
  • Arranging household affairs, relationships, time and space to support your intention
  • Creative Practice: mind, body & creative Spirit
  • Managing Time & Money (Tapping into abundance)

Today, at 6pm on my Facebook Page.

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Over the coming months, we’ll be looking at how to overcome these blocks and how to set up a successful creative business, using creative principles, practices and processes NOT conventional business advice, which often fails to work for creatives.

Here’s what’s planned:

JULY 2018

  • Understanding how creative business works
  • Implementing In The Right Order: Pitching, Profiling, Producing (Asset Ecosystem), Publishing Yourself, Publishing Through Others, Partnering, Pacing.
  • Assessing Your Creative Assets



  • Creating Income-Generating Assets
  • Understanding Your Creative Business Processes
  • Streamlining Your Creative Business Processes



  • Creating More Time
  • Creating More Money

What about you? What are you creating this week? Hit reply and let me know.

Till next time, happy hatchings!

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