creative business workshop

This month’s creative business workshop was slightly ahead of its regular slot as I was travelling on Tuesday, to speak at the Readmagine conference (more about that next time).

This month, the workshop focus was on how creative entrepreneurs think about creativity and business.

It followed on from last month’s session, where we looked at the seven blocks to any creative endeavor, especially business, and used f-r-e-e-writing to explore attitudes to creative business, taking those two words — “creative” and “business” apart to look at where they diverge, where they connect.

Creative Business Challenges

All this might seem quite removed from the nuts and bolts of making money but, actually, if you’re not having the success you seek, creatively or commercially, it’s key.

Understanding the exact nature of your block and resistance tendencies around business is essential if you are to do business the creative way. Your way.

This creative business workshop also explores:

    • Understanding what a creative business is
    • what it means to be a creative in business
    • Designing your business around your definition of success.

You can catch the replay here.

And sign up here for July’s workshop where we delve further into how a creative business works.

Over the coming months, this creative business workshop series looks at how to overcome blocks and set up and develop a successful business, using creative principles, practices and processes NOT conventional business advice, which often fails to work for creatives.

Come Along To Next Months’s Creative Business Workshop?

JULY 2018

  • Understanding how creative business works
  • Implementing In The Right Order: Pitching, Profiling, Producing (Asset Ecosystem), Publishing Yourself, Publishing Through Others, Partnering, Pacing.
  • Assessing Your Creative Assets


  • Creating Income-Generating Assets
  • Understanding Your Creative Business Processes
  • Streamlining Your Creative Business Processes


  • Creating More Time
  • Creating More Money

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