Mapping Your Intention

You already worked out how long your project will take.

Now, if your creative intention is a big one, your aim is divide it down and down and down again. Until you have a map for the seven months ahead and you know what you need to make in each month to see it from desire to done.

There’s a map for that [download below]!

Doing this exercise is intensely clarifying. It always makes us feel better as we dissolve confusion and overwhelm and regain creative control.

A month is a manageable amount of time to hold in our heads.

And when we get down to a month, there’s a series of work, rest and play maps to support you.

So write your overall intention at the top of the map and then break it down into seven sub-intentions, each representing a task that must be done to see your project to completion.

Or a stage you must complete.

When you have your seven tasks or stages, number them in order of importance.

Next time you’ll see how to fit these seven into a time-based logs for the coming months, weeks and days.


Click on map to download

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