I was thrilled to be asked back on Joanna’s show for, what we realised was, my fourth time! It’s always a pleasure to talk with Joanna regardless of topic, but an even greater one when chatting about something as close to my heart as this – F-R-E-E Writing and my GoCreative! book series.

Watch the interview to hear what we have to say about:

  • F-R-E-E Writing – how to do it and how it benefits the writing process and creativity
  • Your relationship with money – how it can dictate your success, or lack of – and an exercise that can help tilt that relationship to be more positive
  • My own story with writing and how it’s led to the GoCreative! series
  • Being a creative entrepreneur – juggling the creative elements with the necessary business side

And lots more …

Watch the interview here

Female Creative EntrepreneursYou might also be interested in this fab book for female creative Entrepreneurs which I got as a great xmas gift from Joanna.

It’s by Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney, In the Company of Women is an empowering collection of wisdom and practicality from over a hundred artists and creative entrepreneurs, of all ages, colors and creeds.