Salema splashLesson #8: Hold To Your Creative Intention.

I am spending June and July this year in Portugal and yesterday I set the intention to complete the first draft of my next novel during that stay.   

As soon as I did, all I heard were objections to the plan.

“Don’t be daft, that’s too short a time frame.”

“You won’t have your research books with you.”

“You’ve been sick, you need to take it easy.”

Who was the naysayer?


Luckily, I’ve been here before, so I know how it works.  How, as soon as a creative intention is framed, another part of the mind – I call it front-mind, others call it “the ego” – starts jumping in to derail it.

It’s fear really but it can manifest in very clever, very subtle ways.  Here’s another one from yesterday: “Your illness has changed your worldview.  Your writing is going to change as a result.  You should wait and integrate that.”

Yeah, right.

Front mind knows that any creative act draws on deep-mind (subconscious) and beyond mind (unconscious).  That the establishment of creative flow therefore equals a diminishment of its influence.  That, in a pure creative moment, it can be utterly extinguished.

It’s only natural it should fight its corner.

While you are developing and deepening your creative intelligence, you need to see the front-mind noise for what it is — and cut through it with determined, focussed commitment to your intention.

So yes, I intend to complete my first draft this summer.   Maybe I’ll fall short of that intention but without it in place, I know I would have far fewer words together by August.

What’s your creative intention?

Set it, then sit back and observe your front-mind as it jumps into action, and as you do, hold fast to your intention and the words of Henry Ford: “Whether you believe you can or you can’t…you’re right.”


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