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Creative Intelligence: Pep’s Pep Talk Goes Viral

The secret behind FC Barcelona’s recent Champions League triumph over Manchester United  has gone viral.  Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola showed his players a video that  highlighted the best of Barcelona’s 08/09 Season which was mixed with scene’s from the blockbuster hit Gladiator…

Why Group Norms Kill Creativity « PsyBlog

Research shows group members equate creativity with conformity. Creativity is a much coveted asset for a very simple reason: an idea that transcends…

Movies to inspire creativity

A list of inspiring movies, from MantrArt, that get the creative juices flowing..

Nancy Andreasen on the importance of both arts and sciences for …

Nancy C. Andreasen discussed the importance of providing students with a “liberal education” that combines the study of the arts and the sciences..

Emotional Intelligence Slumps Along with the Economy.

According to Nick Tasler and Dr. Travis Bradberry of TalentSmart, a global think tank and consultancy, a five-year rise in emotional intelligence in the workplace reversed course in 2008…

Ignore Everybody — and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod

A review of cartoonist Hugh MacLeod’s new creative intelligence book, Ignore Everybody by the great Seth Godin…


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