We should all make more art and we should all bring a more artful, creative approach to our life decisions aroundwhite leaves everything from family to money.

Why?  Igniting our creative intelligence means instant access to

  • fun and games
  • peace and joy
  • balance and harmony
  • meaning and purpose
  • deeper connection to everything we own and experience.

What you decide to create, moment by moment, and how you bring it into being, is what determines whether your day – and ultimately your life – passes in a blur or becomes a work of art.

But the impact of becoming more creatively intelligent extends beyond the personal.  An over-emphasis on linear, analytical intelligence (the kind measured by IQ – which I call conventional intelligence), linked to a system of regimented oppression, has created a grave imbalance on planet earth that can be simply summarised as: too little creation, too much destruction.

So much destruction that we are now in danger of planetary annihilation and the only thing that can save us destroying ourselves is a big creative leap, the kind of leap that enabled the conversation you and I are having here through the Internet.

The creative capacities of the human being are wondrous and greatly underdeveloped — largely suppressed by education and work systems that were created for a very different era, when conformity was necessary to economic and social success.

That is changing.  A collective advance in creative intelligence is already happening, one person at a time.

If you want to join in, here and here and here are some ways to make a start.


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