The throb at the heart of of all art is beauty.  Not chocolate-box prettiness, which is petrified (in all senses of the word)gulls n stones but the daring beauty that is truth.

The subject matter it chooses to treat may be “ugly”, but art always
embodies the truth of synthesis – a bringing together of parts to create a whole.

We must make it a priority to apply this search for truth – together with its creative treasury of balance and harmony, metaphor and symbol, flashes and flow, fun and frolics, rhyme, rhythm and reason – to all dimensions of our lives.

We should all make more art and we should all bring a more artful, creative approach to life decisions around everything from family to money.


How about for planetary reasons?  An over-emphasis on linear, analytical intelligence (the kind measured by IQ – which I call conventional intelligence), linked to a system of regimented oppression, has created a grave imbalance on planet earth that can be simply summarised as: too little creation, too much destruction.

So much so that if we are to rescue ourselves from planetary annihilation, a giant creative leap is now needed.

This is still possible.  Look at the creative communication leap that enabled the conversation you and I are having here, now through the Internet.

The creative capacities of the human being are wondrous and greatly underdeveloped. Andb a collective advance in creative intelligence was never more urgently needed.

So do it for the world.

But also do it for yourself.

Being more creatively intelligent means having more fun, reaping rich emotional and spiritual – and possibly financial – rewards, deepening your sense of meaning and purpose, fostering intimate connections to places, people and things.

How we create one things is how we create everything.  Whether it’s book, a family, an artwork,  a marriage, a business, a song or a million dollars, the process is always the same.

What you decide to create and how you bring it into being will determine whether your day today will pass in a blur, or become a small work of art in itself.


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